Iker Lanz | about
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What do you need?

I am creative storyteller. I like use all my resources for create and communicating whatever that my client need. If you are looking to create wonderfull image or video for your project, you’ve landed exactly at the right place.


I am filmker. I started with the video creation with my father´s video camera when i was a child. I was professional cameraman in a Spanish Football League. I have worked in a lot of local TV´s, like a director, photography´s director, video editor, cameraman… I have worked in a lot of projects like a postproduction director, making all kind of Visual Effects. Finally I created a Production Company in Spain with my partner, and together we maked videoclips, corporate videos, advertising, concerts, big shows…


I am photographer. I have worked with a lot of kind of photography: report, weddings, macro, product, arquitectural, real state… But i love making comercial photos for advertising. This kind of photography give me the chance to tell stories like i want. I love all contruction process, since i speak with the client about the concept, i going through all phases: sketching, searching the references, planning the lighting, photographing the resources that i need, postproduction… Until we reach the goal together, with unique and wonderful image as a result. The perfect image for my client.


I have expert skills in a lot of programms: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition… But the more important no is the knowledge of differents kind of programs, the key is how you use your tools. I invite you to see my work.